Friday, June 19, 2009

Dandelion Fluffy

Some of the peeps might think ahhhhhhhhh summer when they look at this darling photo of A. If they could only hear GJ sneezing, hacking, horking, snotting, weeping, wheezing, dying, etc in the background. GJ spends much of the allergy season snotting around and coughing up lots of interesting blob like items into the kitchen sink, various toilets, out the car door, in the parking lot, etc. GJ also spends a lot of time making horrible throat clearing noises while sticking her index finger 2 feet into her ear and moving it around rapidly. This is the ONLY method to relieve horrible itching between the ear and throat. It is a hot method. Allergy season is hot.
Photo curtesy of Jamie...mother of Macy...twin of B


  1. Ah, the finger-in-the-ear move. I know it well - seen it, do it on a daily basis.

    Fantastic picture.

  2. The finger in the ear is saving me right now, and having a little alien invader growing inside I can't even take a friggin decongestant! Damn allergies


  3. Dood. Take a benadryl. Bad Joo

  4. Bad Joo-
    You are an ass. That is like Good Joo telling you to take an advil for your migraines...even though they are fake :)