Thursday, May 7, 2009

O-Put Him in my Butt-Bama

Speaking of Obama. This is the glorious coffee mug that GJ's husband brought back from his recent trip to D.C. It's the best gift the GJ had ever received. GJ squealed with delight upon opening it and promptly made out with hubby. Fantastic. It makes mornings so much better. It makes coffee so much better. It makes life so much better. The GJ spends hours lovingly washing it and hand drying it and drinking coffee out of it at all sorts of random hours. In case it has not become clear to our charming readers yet...the Joos love us some OBAMA. GJ recently asked hubby on his next trip to D.C. if she could come along. Not to hang with him, but to hang on the White House fence (licking it) and waiting for a glimpse of Obama. Obviously once he meets the GJ (who won Indiana for him) he will immediately place GJ in some sort of spectacular position where GJ will spend her time adoring him.

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