Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Morning

If you live in the house of GJ you must love glazed donuts. There is no alternative. Okay. You can like chocolate donuts too. That's it. Get that nasty ass BJ loving custard crap out of the house. Gross. This morning the GJ woke up sore (landscaping) and tired (shocking). GJ soon discovered that there was no creamer in the house, which means no coffee. GJ ONLY drinks coffee for the creamer. GJ got in the car and drove to Meijer to obtain creamer and donuts. GJ returned home, gave kids donuts, ate several herself, and then was promptly barfed on by the Bedazzler. Because it just ain't Monday morning in the house of GJ unless everything is effed by 7:30. The GJ has had to calm herself with Taco Bell and Mountain Dew. By the above diet you would think the GJ was preggers again.

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