Sunday, September 20, 2009

The House of Good Joo

The House of Good Joo has been extremely busy as of late. GJ has been obsessing over a few things lately like what color mums to buy for the front porch and why there is no cute cabinet hardware to fit my kitchen cabinets. This last obsession is ruining GJ's life, but she is trying to carry on for her darling children. The dying baby zebra got an actual zebra body suit from her grandma and has worn it daily while failing to thrive at the dried up waterhole. B turned 1 on Thursday and is enjoying her new age. Apparently turning 1 means that anytime you take a nap you have to take 3 dumps in the process of going to sleep. GJ has also been quite busy yelling at the T.V. whenever someone mentions the words Republicans and health care reform together. Really. GJ can barely take it anymore. That's about it. What do you want from GJ? She lives in the Fart for crying out loud.


  1. GJ, do you also scream whenever someone says, "no public option", because that makes BJ kill random innocents.

  2. HAppy Birthday to Miss B...she is a darling little thing...I don't think she makes dumps at all...she is too cute!

  3. STOP IT! Did you make that outfit? Seriously, I can't take it, I'm going to squeeze her into a tiny little ball that I can keep in my pocket. And she'll be wearing that outfit when I do.