Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Good Run

GJ has recently had a very good run with random books picked up from the 'brary. The top 3 that you must go get today are:

1. The Piano Teacher - Janice Y.K. Lee (in large print)
2. The Littler Giant of Aberdeen County - Tiffany Baker
3. A Reliable Wife - Robert Goolrick

Also...A and her mom are TOTALLY into the SkippyJon Jones books by Judy Schachner. A little side memo. It is just stoopid to have a library card if you are going to acquire $35 late fees on a regular basis. Just go to the damn bookstore and buy the book in hardcover. And make sure it is a book about running that you have already read 15 times. GJ LOVES YOU EGL!

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  1. ok, it is the 19th. i'm ready for a new post...lazy ass.