Thursday, December 10, 2009

Going Gonny Rogue

It has been established in the past that Gonny, formally known as Gonna is a pest. Once upon a time she was a fat, happy, in door cat. Then GJ adopted her and all hell broke lose. Every rodent in Indiana has had a play date with Gonny and they have all ended poorly. Now by poorly you might think that GJ means "with death." Of course this is the case, but what "poorly" does not include is the 30 minute post mortem regurgitation of the rodent. Not enough time for the creature to have been digested, but just enough time for it to have been stretched into a long tube and displayed on GJ's front porch with A LOT of blood. Gonny's mad hunting skills are of grand delight to a certain 4 year old. "How long is it? How long is it?"

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