Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh Deer

GJ found something similar to this on Etsy and decided that there was no way in hell she was going to pay $375 for a deer made out of resin when she could just make it out of shit. Plus, GJ has no idea what resin is or how to do anything with it. GJ's husband is notorious for his inability to put out the recycling bins. They sit in the garage of GJ for months at a time until there is no more room to park cars. Last week at around 8pm GJ's hubby opened the garage door alarmed at the burglary type noises coming from within. He was concerned to find his charming (as always) wife digging through the recycling bin, talking to herself, and morphing a strange animal type head out of garbage. And here is the result. And you know it's hanging in GJ's living room. And you know you want one (unless you are SL.)


  1. Are you shitting me? With trash? How do you do the things that you do, GJ? Move over Martha, look out for someone that can craft out of trash and might even slip in an f-word randomly while doing it....way more fun than you Martha!

  2. Ridic. I DO secretly want one . . .