Friday, December 25, 2009


Oh M. Stop causing your momma first time mommy stress. Stay on the boob.


  1. Congrats, Bad Joo and Frenchie! Please let me know when I can drop a meal on your porch . . .

  2. Aww, he's so sweet! BJ...give me a ring if you need boob help...I've somehow kept four boys from starving! Congrats again! I wish I lived closer! By the way, Andrew got Super Mario Wii for Christmas, it brought back memories of Mario and cheap red wine from a jug!

  3. Thanks, all. We're set. Little M's jaundy was making him a bit sluggish, but he's chompin' like a champ now. And Steph, you're ultra sweet, but we've been visited by the Spike, and there is so much food here, we know not what to do.