Tuesday, January 12, 2010


One of the more appalling things that GJ has done recently is to download several Taylor Swift songs from iTunes. Clearly this is something that should be blamed on the Fart. Seriously. How gross, but GJ cannot get enough of it. Do you want GJ to kill you or do you just want to kill her? For some reason GJ finds it to be good workout music. Sick. Really when your heart rate is at 183 and you may or may not die of cardiac arrest why wouldn't you want to sing about being fifteen and having someone tell you they love you? That's some stoopid shit. Speaking about working out GJ has made it through several more episodes with the trainer...minus the barfing and shitting. You're proud. Off to eat taco bell and drink the dew.


  1. If it is any consolation, someone's boyfriend proceeded to get him drunk and then handed him a Band Hero microphone on New Year's Eve ... and now there's video of him singing Taylor Swifts "Love Story'.

    Thankfully this video has yet to surface ... I think the threats worked.

  2. There is so much wrong w/ these admissions. So much.


  3. Ed-
    I would pay to see the video. Perhaps I could do some backup dancing during the next round. Or just sing really loud and out of tune. And this story did make me feel better.

  4. Huh? Great, I'll just send A over. She can bring her Miley Cyrus, & Taylor Swift CDs over and you guys can rock out. Hopefully you've already got the Jonas Brothers because she didn't get that one yet.

  5. See....the Fart really is a great place to live! Give me a little more time....I will have you begging to borrow all my country CD's!