Thursday, March 4, 2010


GJ is so sorry for the long, long lag in posts. Ever since her husband did the unfortunate and impregnated her again things have just gone wrong. GJ got the flu (a la personal trainer barfing and shitting at the same time), strep throat, and a sinus infection. Add all that shit on top of gestating the third GJ fetus and you can understand. A has had strep throat for ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...8 weeks now. The removal of her T and A (and not tits and ass) is scheduled for the 11th. Oh kill GJ now. Today GJ took her to have her blood drawn and if that is any indication of how the surgery is going to go then really just kill GJ now. B enjoyed the drama and spent the whole horrible event laughing and running out of the room with a balloon that she got from ???? So there we have it. This month A turns 5, has surgery, GJ and hubby fork out their life savings for private school, GJ hubby leaves pregnant wife to go hang out with his lonely brother in SLC, GJ remains in the Fart hating her washer and dryer and dog who has spontaneously started eating cat shit. Stoopid.


  1. SEE, when you write it down it doesn't seem so bad!

  2. I would first like to say...its about f***ing time! I feel like it has been months since the last post. I thought maybe Obama had temporary shut down the blogging industry nationwide and was busy establishing a way of taxing blog users in order to help him pay for his dumb-ass health care program.
    Anyway, glad everything is well.....????

  3. let us know when A is ready for visitors. we will bring a box of popsicles. i mean, i love popsicles, maybe A can eat some dry toast:)