Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This Sucks Balls

Bad Joo is back at work. And Bad Joo hates this. M, however, is perfectly content. M is perfectly content, because M is being sat upon by his beloved Gramma (The Incision) and his dear Aunt-Kelly-Nanny. And, this Joo's wonderful employer is allowing her to work only from noon until 6, with the rest of her work time being completed in flex time. In short, this Joo is VERY LUCKY.
Still, those six hours away from M are the most excruciating hours of this Joo's life. This Joo has even inquired after the possibility of a neurological epidural in order to lessen the pain of separation. To date, the only thing that has helped Bad Joo ease into this transition is the knowledge that the sticky minutes she spends furtively pumping breast milk in the corner of the conference room like some kind of bad boob junkie will result in a healthier baby M. And those fifteen sticky minutes (why didn't anyone tell this Joo that breastmilk was hot-sticky-sweet-from-its-head-to-its-feet-yeah) allow Bad Joo to think about baby M and at least pretend she's connecting with him. La SNEEF.
Bad Joo doesn't know how the rest of you working moms do it. Do tell! What are your tricks?


  1. And why won't this bitch show paragraph breaks?

  2. I never could do it. I went back to work when Ethan was four, and his Dad was home with him most of the time, and I worked 3 twelve hour days a week. I was almost glad to have twins, great excuse to not be able to go back to work... Hugs to you. Be glad that he is content and happy! The E girls think I am the ONLY show in town, and while I adore them, it gets a wee bit old!