Thursday, March 18, 2010

Love and Strength to Good Joo

In the house now shy of at least one pair of T&A, Good Joo is laboring under the weight of a growing C/D, whilst hoisting B aboot and caring for a recovering A. Since the vomiting of scabs by a five year old would in and of itself be cause for extra good thoughts to be sent GJ's way, Bad Joo is doubly proud of Good Joo as she is enduring all of this sans husband. Mr. Good Joo has chosen this time to go on a brotherly adventure that will likely involve beer and the photography thereof. Those of you friendly with him on Facebook know of what I speak.

So, Good Joo, this Joo sends you much love and reminds you that you are a fabulous mother doing a fabulous job.


  1. GJ you are an awesome mom! When the Rev takes off and leaves me high and dry with the kids...especially when pregnant, I shop online. It helps!

  2. GJ,
    I, too, send you much love and want to say you have been such a trooper in the drama of the GJ household! I'm glad the dazzle of the dazzlehorn has returned and the smell of dead skunk seems to be diminishing.

  3. Is GJ having twins? C/D???

  4. according to BJ i guess. i'm not sure what it means. maybe that we are naming the baby C/D or neither. who knows. is this mike mabee? stop calling my husband and asking him the same question and then asking the blog. same thing...

  5. BJ didn't know if M counted as C and thus GJ would be birthing a D OR IF gj WOULD BE CONTINUING WITH c.