Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dance Hall Days, Love

Thanks to Past Perfect, historic preservation consultants, I tracked down the above article, written during the construction of the little bungalow in 1910 and published in the local paper. This article confirms that the little bungie is not a kit house, but rather constructed and planned by a local builder.

While this is very cool, perhaps what is most cool is the description of the second floor, "...the second story is left entire, to be used as a gymnasium, dance hall, or anything else that the owners may desire." Take your baby by the hand indeed!


  1. Well then, I vote dance hall. We can have a small wedding reception there in 20 ish years!

  2. Sadly, we are finishing it into a master bedroom, bath, and sitting area. I guess we could still have a wedding reception there, though. Or at the park next door.