Thursday, February 3, 2011


The brainchild of Joos' Addiction (to hardware), the first annual Jooapalooza is scheduled for next weekend. Jooapalooza attendees can expect a tour of Pewabic Pottery in Detroit, shopping for hardware for the little bungie that could, and much, much more. Sorry, folks. Jooapalooza is open to nursing Joos and their nursing babies only. And, yes, I'm still nursing M. STOP ASKING ME THAT. WHY IS EVERYONE SO OBSESSED WITH MY BOOBS?



  1. That's Ok, I'm still nursing M's sister wives (he is OK with Utah, no?) and my doc thinks I'm a rock star. what she does not know is that I nursed William for 28 months. Nursing is easy, weaning is hard.
    Have fun. Come fix my ugly house next:)

  2. We're down with all things polygamy. Gives new meaning to the term "OPP" (yeah you know me).