Friday, March 6, 2009

Cure for the Diarrhea

GJ has been ill in the intestines as of late. GJ has had to call the hubby home from work twice now by squealing to his secretary, "MY INTESTINES ARE LIQUEFYING. GET HIM OFF THE PHONE." Not really. About the secretary. But GJ would have if she had answered the phone. So anywho, GJ received a very special morsel of a package in the mail today. Inside were these fantastic pencil top animals. TO DIE FOR. GJ loves all things tiny and cute that fit inside her mouth. The special morsel package also included this note:

GJ and BJ also like to say "put it in my butt" when they really like things. For example, "put OBAMA in my butt." No one knows why. It causes MDH such extreme stress that she questions if she really raised the two Joos (BJ was raised by dogs). So GJ's friend knew that she was going to like these tiny, titillating treats so much that she just acknowledged the whole butt thing. GJ's dad must be right when he says nauseatingly often "youse guys are so lucky to have found such good husbands."

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