Thursday, March 19, 2009

Smoker's Log Stardate 3,0678,0*&

Spring is in the air, and diehard smokers out there know 'tis the season when smokers take their cigarettes out of hiding. All around this Joo, persons are parading about with fun sticks hanging out their mouths. They look so graceful, so happy, so... deliciously smoky. Now despite the fact that Bad Joo has had (count them) 1, 2, 3 friends or loved ones die of The lung cancer in the past year, Bad Joo NEEDS TO SMOKE *insert expletive* (damn it) *thank you very much*.

So, much like a memorial tribute loved ones publish in the paper some random date months after someone has died, Bad Joo offers this tribute.

Bad Joo's Smoking Career 1992-2008

We remember you today, dear cigarettes. And while you are no longer in our lives, we see you every day in life's little details: the shooting star that blazed past the house last night, the homeless man on the corner last week, fireplaces, bars, the random smoking people we knock down in fits of nicotine craving, very small rocks. We miss you, ciggies. You are always in our hearts.


Your Joo and Nicotine Receptors

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