Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Guess What? Chicken Butt

The GJ has been on the lookout for a fab photog since moving to FART Wayne. The GJ is pretty picky about photos and does not like anything cheesy, posed, or stupid looking (clearly). This has been quite the mission as the GJ is dealing with the FART. So, yesterday a fan-effin-tastic photog named Jenna Stoller dropped by and took some pics of the GJ offspring. GJ is very pleased with the results. In fact, the GJ is delighted. This Jenna lady has got some serious talent and is really nice to boot. You may look at a few of the photos on the Good Jenna's blog page. If you are in the FART...you best be composing an email to her that says...

Dear Jenna-
I saw some of your pics via the GJ/BJ blog. They are fantastic. No wonder the GJ is divorcing her husband to marry you. When can we meet?



  1. adorable! If i lived in the FART, i would defintely be composing encouraged email. Rachael

  2. I agree, some of the studios do the most insipid poses, makes me want to puke all over them. A & B's photos are awesome. Inspired without looking like they were posed to be inspired-looking. I wonder if Jenna makes trips to GR, cause my shit sure isn't moving to Fart Wayne, regardless of how great the photographer is.


    Your children are adorable. I can't wait until you teach those teeny adorable faces to swear like Bad Joo.

  4. oh jess...A is well into the swearing. for crying out loud she has been around for 4 years. in fact...friday she said "biiiiiiiittttttttttttttttches"