Friday, April 17, 2009

A.M. in the House of Good Joo

GJ is not going to beat around the bush. The mornings in the house of GJ have been awful as of late. There has been no sleeping. A lot of thrashing around at night and musical bed shit going on. GJ made da hubby take this photo this morning. Now GJ is not going to lie to you. The GJ hair always looks like this in the morning. Good sleep or not. And it appears that A inherited this hot mess. Da hubby's comment this morning, "SUGAR I didn't think you looked that tired." Well now why would you think that? You slept all night ass master. Oh and when GJ tried to wake you up to help with the ass that is B, you slobbered around and thrashed and said you were looking for "V". What is "V" you ask? Eff if GJ knows. Just some interesting, helpful thing da hubby says while sleeping. Now for those of you who are Good Joo siblings, parental units, roommates from college, neighbors, or have for some reason or another woken up near the Good Joo this picture will not shock. For those of you who have not...enjoy.
*Please note the Good Jew chair that Good Joo is sitting on. Purchased at a garage sale in the D. You like it don't you?


  1. i think you look lovely.

    (you can send the check to my home address, thanks)

  2. You know I love the GJ morning hair. Glad Ava has inherited it . . .