Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twin Joo

All the stress of being a girl Friday, saving the world one pitbull at a time, AND comforting the tadpole in the most maternal of manners has apparently caused a flare-up in this Joo's latent adult acne, for she awoke this morning to a different view on the world. A slightly smaller, slightly red view on the world. Internettes, there is a zit the size of the budget crisis on this Joo's formerly flawless cheekbone, and it's IMPEDING HER VISION.

Now, ordinarily, this Joo would not bother the internettes with anything so trivial as a blemish, but this blemish is no ordinary pimple. This is the Patriot Act of acne. It is so far reaching, it's causing swelling and discomfort as far as the sinus cavities. It is...


It occurs to this Joo that perhaps Das Zit is actually a retained conjoined twin, shifted to the surface through some plate tectonics-like freak of stress. Perhaps the Joos should name this monstrosity. Perhaps she should call it, "Deanne."

Please, internettes, pray for Bad Joo and pray for her affliction, Deanne.

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