Thursday, July 23, 2009


This is a picture of George W. It is sitting on GJ's table. Why? It was a hostess gift from last night's dinner. When GJ opened it she squealed with delight. Actually GJ made fake barfing, fainting, dying sounds and motions and then laughed hysterically. GJ's new BFF in the Fart is a lover of the Bush and also Vera Bradley. Gag with GJ now. GJ has even accused her of having a Vera Bradley bag with a Sarah Palin picture on it. It's that bad. But dude...this shit is funny. The picture is autographed and reads:

Dear Good Joo-
Thank you for your support. With your help we can make America stronger, safer, and more prosperous.
Best Wishes,
Laura Bush and George Bush.

GJ appreciates a republican with a good sense of humor.


  1. Turn off your computer, get in your car, go to the library, and get the book American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld. Your Vera Bradley BFF is going to want to get it, too. George ("Charlie" in the book) features prominently. I just read it in TWO DAYS and it is 5hundred-some pages.

  2. I love Vera Bradley too. She makes me some fat Republican cash on the ebay. Thanks Vera.

  3. We have that picture too, but W sent it to us. We're waiting for our Obama portrait, but we have to go through some friends for that one:)

  4. This is the BFF from "the fart"! I gave her this picture. What GJ is not telling everyone is that she owns a Vera coin purse with Obama's dick on it. Why just a coin purse you may be asking....well, that is all the bigger it needs to be for Obama's dick!!!

  5. Fart Friend, watch your bad self, lest the Joos unleash all kinds of Bama-lovin' ninja hell on your sorry be-hind. Or not.

  6. Clearly BFF from the Fart is not now, nor has ever been married to/dated/or to put it simply slept with a black man. A coin purse? Puhleese. Those who call it "just a stereo-type" have never tested the theories....I'm just sayin'.