Monday, July 13, 2009


Let's not beat around the bush...B has had a shitty day so GJ let her eat a marshmallow. Just because GJ let her fall out of the neighbor's toy car and split her head open does not mean that GJ is a bad momma. Eminem's momma is a bad momma. Just because GJ is making her wear Target brand diapers during the day does not make her a bad momma. So what that they leak pee all over. Just because GJ is spending all of B's 1st birthday money on A's tuition for next year does not make her a bad momma. With the cost of the tuition she can just dream about what a kick ass 1st bday it was going to be. Poor B. Being the second sucks sometimes.


  1. Oh, B. Sometimes it sucks to be the firstborn too.


    Aunt Bad Joo

  2. I second the "sucks to be the firstborn too" thing. But, I would like to know what sort of list I need to sign up on so that I am able to squeeze those marshmallow scarfing cheeks. I will pay. Also, don't tell A but you are my favorite. Yes, I play favorites with babies I've never met, in towns I've never been to. That's the magic of the Interweb. One day, you'll learn this when you're a blogger writing filthy things just like your mommy and your Aunt Bad Joo. It will be a proud day.

  3. "so cry me a river...oh oh yeah"

    that's me singing justin timberlake to all the 1st borns out there. shut up. it doesn't suck to be a first born. i don't believe any of you. even if your sister tries to break your arm on the Coke machine in the basement. get over it. and that's right...i did say Coke machine in the basement.

  4. A Coke machine in the basement explains SO MUCH.

  5. I remember the coke machine well, especially since it is still in the house of The Incision (birthday hint), but are you saying you tried to break my arm in the coke machine or tried to get me to break your arm. I don't recall this specific incident of arm breaking (there were so many).