Monday, November 10, 2008

Coming Soon

Hi, I'm the Bad Joo (Joon). My sister is Good Joo or Belinda Joo (Joos). We are two very different sisters who aim to compare and contrast our lives and offer encouragement to similarly struggling ladies of the 21st century. Bad Joo lives in the jetto, works full time as a Girl Friday, and has cobwebs up in her womb from lack of use. Belinda Joo, the good sister, is living the Stay-At-Home dream with two darling children and a sparkling home in Suburbia. She has not yet been convicted of chopping up her husband and feeding him to the dog.

This blog hopes to answer the age-old questions, "How does she do it?", "Where the fuce did I put my access card/car keys/good earrings?", and "Why is poop delicious?" That and much, much more coming soon at You'll Learn To Keep House.

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  1. Thank you for starting the blog! Bad Joo I love you !