Thursday, November 20, 2008


A sat down with Good Joo's charming hubby last night to write up her Christmas list. Below is a copy of said list.

Dear Mr. Santa-

My name is A. I am 3 years old. For Christmas, I would like-

Froggy (as seen in photo on right corner of trunk)
Brown Horse (as seen in photo)
White Horse (as seen in photo)
Pinto batteries horse (the $280 version that walks you around the house)

Thank You!

Merry Christmas.



Seriously? Doesn't A have enough horses already? Can she not find a brown one to suit her amongst all of her brown ones? Good Joo is sure that readers are able (as the Joos are able) to pick out all of the above listed items in the included photo. And if readers think A is getting a $280 horse, they are wrong.

And then the Joo sees this and thinks, "I'd buy that cute ass kid every last horse on this earth.", which Good Joo and her hubby clearly have.

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