Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Incision

The Two Joos' mother recently kicked cancer's ass, and in doing so, acquired a new pet: The Incision.

The Incision is a bastard. It is not potty trained. It chews on people. It is aggressive with other incisions. It cannot go to the Incision park. It has been hanging around for three months and will not go away. In short, it is no fun at all. For some reason, though, The Two Joos' mother has decided to keep it around.

In its latest series of wacky adventures, The Incision opened itself up and spit a money shot of pus all over its mistress, a small Midwestern town, and many innocents. The Incision's mistress is therefore on her way to the hospital where a surgeon or two will try to reason with The Incision. Wish her luck.

Lawd help us all.

1 comment:

  1. P.S. The Incision makes Bad Joo want to smoke a Hummer size cigarette. A cigarette so large, she will have to invent and construct an apparatus in order to allow her to reach it and smoke it.