Monday, December 22, 2008

The Holiday Spirit

A has a friend over today. A's friend, who is a bit older, shared with A that her parents have put gifts in her stocking. A's reaction follows.

A: Mommy, did you and DeeDee put things in my stocking?

GJ: Yes we did.

A: Can I have them?

GJ: You have to wait until Christmas, Honey.

A: What the hell?


  1. That would've never stopped her last year, she would've just waited until you were taking a tubby, then gone and opened anything she felt like. Michigan A is so imaginative, so daring, so creative. Indiana is sucking the life out of A.

  2. I think Michigan A would've sighed dramatically and exclaimed, "Jesus Christ."

  3. True that. The exasperated "Jesus Christ" w/mandatory eye roll, was a Michigan favorite. Then she opened anything she felt looked especially tempting...of course she promptly ran to mommy in the tubby to thank her after opening while squealing with delight. Michigan A never forgot her manners.