Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Introducing the Twoo Joos

That's right, motherfuceurs. One of the perks of eating green jello at the house of Joo is that you get to come back with loads of phan-phecking-tastic photos. In this particular shot, the Joos are fond of so many aspects of the composition. Can you gentle readers help point them out? The Joos will get you started:

1. Bad Joo appears to be crushing a small bird in her hands (die, motherfuceur, die).

Note de Joos: Copyright in this photo is owned by Olan Mills. This photo has been posted without Olan Mills' permission. Dear Olan Mills, we will take this down if you like, but don't you think it's pretty good advertising?


  1. The eldest joo, looking well into her teens, had a permanent case of phone tilt--obviously from too much macking on the phone to her boys.

  2. 3. The Bad Joo has arterial blood pumping from a wound in her left hip, and the Good Joo is applying pressure with her elbow.