Monday, December 8, 2008


is a walkman. And given the delighted look on the baby Bad Joo's face, a fairly new one at that. The first reader to come closest to guessing the weight of said walkman (when fully batteried and Thriller'ed up, of course) will win a prize.


  1. I would guess, but I'm afraid the prize will be said walkman. And frankly I don't have the room for it.

    (and how about the way your label is "bad photos". haha.)

  2. Walkmen are very useful items, Shawty. You could use it as an anchor for a boat, to hold down a tarp on a leaky roof, or as a projectile during enhanced interrogation. The possibilities aren't necessarily endless, but there are many things one can do with heavy objects.

  3. But I have no muscles....I'm just Shawty.