Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bad Photo Interlude

Whilst the Joos (and the internet) wait for the Guest Gay to pull his thumb out of his you-know-what (read: shitter) and get to blogging, please enjoy the above bad photo.
Now, before anyone calls the ASPCA or CPA or CDC or VH1, please note that this photo was taken in 1976; and, while that doesn't excuse or even explain the lit cigarette in the baby Bad Joo's mouth, it does mean it's too late to do anything aboot it. This explains so very, very much.

Note de Joo: MDH insists that, although it very much appears to be lit, the cigarette in this photo is, in fact, not lit.


  1. P.S. This is a real photo. It has not been retouched in Photoshop to add the cigarette, the bad legs, or the decorative Squirt® can.

  2. This does explain a lot. Please post more photos such as this, it will help me to better understand you( i.e. judge you).

  3. i'm more concerned with the pantless legs than the smokin' baby.

  4. In my happy place, those legs are topped with some ultra short seventies piped athletic shorts, but in the real world I suspect they were not.

  5. How did I miss this photo until today?? I do agree, the cig isn't HALF as bad as the manly looking legs that seem to be quite bare. Whoa....