Sunday, December 21, 2008

6 "random things"

GJ/BJ's friend, Steph (, recently tagged the Joos (Good Joo/Bad Joo) in a game of blog tag. Good Joo finds this to be challenging. Bad Joo finds this to be maddening. Their 6 "random things" are as follows:

1. Good Joo and Bad Joo love to swear. They love everything about it. The inhale. The exhale. The smooth finish.

2. If Good Joo and Bad Joo like you, then you will receive a nickname such as: leaf, connie tampon, bean, little jen, may may, ferret, hot dog, donnie, etc. If Good Joo and Bad Joo do not like you (or if GJ and BJ are not sufficiently inspired), then no nick-name-o for you.

3. Good Joo and Bad Joo love their animals. Good Joo and Bad Joo love ALL animals. If you do not like animals, then GJ and BJ do not like you. And neither do God and Santa.

4. GJ is yellow.

5. GJ and BJ dream of some day starting an animal rescue. They will buy an old farm and turn it into something great. They will name it after their favorite animals: Pouce et Poucie and Bill (

6. GJ and BJ are not good drinkers. They become wasted after one drink. This has always made them cheap ass dates.

GJ and BJ now tag a few people, probably not six, but GJ and BJ find this to be too lofty a goal for the holiday season. The following shall consider themselves tagged:

1. Shawty
2. AJF, reader and BFF
3. Vi's mom, Gina
4. the Krunk (even though he clearly has an editing problem)
5. the Guest Gay (when thumb is removed from arse)
6. Santa

Krunka' What and GG will be posting on this site. Stay tuned...


  1. My deal with God is that if I win the lottery, I'll buy a farm and turn it into an animal rescue. Clearly He is just waiting for a bigger jackpot.

  2. Indeed. It's going to take a mighty, mighty jackpot to make it happen.

  3. Awesome---I feel so "in" right now!

  4. Define "yellow." Are we talking buttery or more of the jaundice type?

  5. Butter sounds nice, but we're talking blond. Or a Coldplay song.

  6. I thought it meant yellow, like the cowboy movies. "Are you gonna rob that there bank or are you too yella?" You know, she's afraid of her own shadow, so much so she'd piss her pants, thus turning....yellow. God, don't mind me, I can't think straight, snow is so deep is beginning to cover my office windows.

  7. It could very well mean "yella." Or it could mean "proceed with caution" or "moderate terrorist threat" or it could mean "someone save me. the snow is up to my neck."