Thursday, February 19, 2009


The incision is on its way home and it's acting a fool. It was an ass at Johns Hopkins. It was late for surgery and then decided that it was in oh so much pain that it had to stay the night. Poor Bad Joo was and is beside herself. The incision was trying to refuse release from the hospital. It was telling Bad Joo it couldn't leave. It needed Bad Joo to reschedule the flight home. Good Joo tried to help Bad Joo by offering therapeutic ideas over the phone like:

-when the incision gets home GJ is going to smack it across the face
-when the incision gets home it is going in a time out

Bad Joo had to fight with the PA (piss ass). The last Bad Joo saw of the Piss Ass he was cowering in the corner of the post op floor googling "how to be a PA." No one...Good Joo means NO ONE wants to be reprimanded by Bad Joo (GJ feels there should be a comma in here somewhere.) Let us all thank the Bad Joo for traveling with that inappropriate, bastard of an incision. And here is to no more incision (please Jesus.)

Thanks Bad Joo
Good Joo loves you the mostest

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