Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Long Day at the Office

What a day. Phewwwww...I'm just exhausted. What a long day at the office. It took me all day to shred the leather couch. And on top of that I just had to fit in the shredding of the pristine, white, Pottery Barn chair. God I was busy. Now I think I will spend a little time resting. If I happen to be giving the fish a frickin' heart attack...well that's okay. I think my mom (GJ) is looking for me...


  1. Dang GJ she's just tryin' to protect the fish from A's scary headless/mauled toys. You'd think when she was writing you those secret messages in the upholstered furniture you would have known better. Sheesh.

  2. I hear cat fur is an excellent insulator. Say, in a hat... perhaps a fur muff?

  3. It is an excellent stuffer for the new chair that the cat is going to buy me.

    Unless the secret message is "I WANT TO BE DECLAWED" I suggest she cut the shit out.