Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For Shame

Bad Joo has noticed that it is commonplace to discuss what one is reading on one's blog. Bad Joo would like to do this too, except she has lost her mind and is presently obsessed with Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, even though the Twilight series can be characterized by the following representative dialogue:


Edward: I'm holier than thou even though I'm a blood-sucking fiend. One day I'll marry your ass, knock you up, and then deliver our half breed baby by vampire tooth Cesarian section. No, I am not kidding. This will really happen, as ridiculous as it seems. Also, there will be werewolves.
Bella (thinking): I am mesmerized by Edward. He is so ungodly beautiful. Wow. Also, he has bronze hair. It's so bronze. He's so beautiful. I want to dry hump his vampire action. Also, he is beautiful.
Edward: I love you with a love so pure it knows no bounds. Not even other beautiful vampires could contain my love.
Bella (thinking): I can't believe how beautiful Edward is. And that he would ever want me.

ad nauseum

Still, the Bad Joo cannot get enough. OH FOR SHAME, JOO. BAD JOO.

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  1. Books are never ever bad. Never ever. Even when they're "honeyed shafts" or "communist manifestos" one should never be "for shamed" of what they are reading, because they ARE reading. So there. I have spoken, let it be so.