Monday, February 2, 2009


If A EVER saw this photo from the superbowl party gone wrong she would die. Die GJ says...die. Guest Krunker and his ho had a party last night. GJ brought thousands of animals for A to play with, so GJ and hubby could socialize. And this is the result. Guest Krunker's dirty damn dog ate them. Decapitated them. And don't you dare think that A will not ask me tomorrow where white tiger #53 is and where the Indian horse is. Shit. Shit. Shit.


  1. Just tell her they went on magical safari to the land of Bamboozle. Or, is she smarter than I was as a child? Is she scared of watermelons and the Price is Right by chance? Just asking...

  2. damn and shit. get thee to a target.

  3. she's scared of the dog's poop bag. all that crinkly loud ass noise. if i have to spend one more cent at target on stupid horses i'll die. oh wait...i just bought her some scary one with an elf on it for $14.99 today. i'll send the bill to guest krunk and ho.