Thursday, January 29, 2009


A-hot shit even at 8 months

Recently A has dropped some serious bombs about her mom while out and about in the world.

While putting on boots at school, A was heard sighing and announcing to no one really that "you just got to put B on the boob." Nice. And true.

Last week the doctor asked A if she knew what diarrhea was. He described how it's just when you have way too much poop. A announced that her mom has diarrhea all the time. Neat. Sometimes true.

Today when GJ picked A up from school, she was informed that A talked about B during circle time. So cute. And that she explained that B came out of her mom's hoo. Awesome. And true. When GJ was told this her response was "Well, I didn't have a C-section."

This did not disturb her teacher, as she kicks ass. And this is why GJ's hubby continues to pay the absurd tuition...


  1. That announcement really does belong in circle time, it teaches rhyming, a precursor of reading. "Little Poo comes out of the tiny hoo." A's teacher should be thanking you for the inventive and helpful teaching tool.

  2. Just one more quick thing. When I first looked at that photo, I thought B had gained a curl and lost some weight. B is a little chunker, she loves the boob.

  3. A, I love your ways, chunker curli q.