Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fan Mail.

ow video


  1. Dear Gladys,

    We are not, in fact, using the horse statues as subliminal advertising for the Dark Lord. Unicorns exist, and Gays can change if they want to (through Christ).


    The Joos

  2. Dear Gladys,

    I will put you on my chruch prayer chain. We will pray to our dear Lord in heaven that Satan will come out of you and you will be forgiven.

    In Christ,

  3. My Child -

    Are you fucking serious? That shit ain't Christly

    Lord Dawg

  4. Did you know that unicorns were created specially for impaling mimes, people who work in offices (mostly accountants, paralegals and marketers) and those who don’t follow Christ. The unicorn also has a changeable horn, with each tailored for a specific type of spearing attack, depending upon the angle, the velocity and the victim it attacks. Thank you unicorns. Thank you.

  5. the good joo is so nervous. she does not know what any of this means. she is going into hiding. bad joo and guest gay forget that good joo never knows what the hell they are talking about. so nervous.

  6. GJ, just breathe deeply. Don't step in gay, or if you do, be sure not to contaminate the children.