Monday, January 12, 2009

Alphabet Tower

Bad Joo, also known as Aunt Joo, has been silent as of late due to the international travel (unforseen hazard of being married to a dirty foreigner, more on this later). During her Bad Joo travels, BJ had the following conversation with A who, let us not forget, is three years old.

BJ: Hello?
A: Hi, Aunt Joo.
BJ: Hi, A.
A: Aunt Joo, are you in the country of France?
BJ: Yes, A. I am. With Unc.
A: Aunt Joo, and the Alphabet Tower?
BJ: Yes, A. Do you want me to take a picture of the Alphabet Tower for you?
A: *giggle giggle, snort, blending to all Shirley Temple-esque: Oh, yes, Aunt Joo.

So, here you go, A.


Aunt Joo

P.S. Aunt Joo also took a movie the Alphabet Tower blinking, but the dirty foreigner is going to have to take a look-see at that little number, because the Alphabet Tower is lying on its side blinking, like a dying droid or something, if dying droids also have giant rotating light erections.

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