Tuesday, January 13, 2009


is Steven. Steven Josephine. In this picture he is roughly 2 years old. He was spectacular. He was God's gift to GJ. He arrived on GJ's last day of work at Wayne State University. He was a tiny, precious morsel. He spent the morning under GJ's lab bench. He ate GJ's turkey sandwich for lunch. He made the big move to Grand Rapids with his mom (GJ.) His dad (GJ's hubby) tried to hate him. He could not. He was everything anyone could ever want in a cat. He was gay. Truly. You can have a gay pet. It was awesome. He cared so much for his coat. He meowed in a high pitch twinkle of a voice. He nursed on everything and anything, but mostly his mom's pink robe. He pranced around the neighborhood. He lifted everyone's spirits. His mom was going to craft "CHRISTmas" cards that said, "Steven is the reason for the season," or alternately "and you thought baby Jesus was a miracle." But before this holiday season Fort Barf took GJ's little man. Stole him. He disappeared into the corn fields for good. And for this reason alone GJ will never love Fort Take All My Animals Away.


  1. Oh Steve, you were a miracle. With that high pitched, short purr that sounded like an alarm or a timer stuffed under a pillow. You had such a way of scaring the pee out of me when I had to look after you while GJ was house searching in Fort Diarrhea. You'd always hide, and then I'd hear godawful racket making me think someone was in the house. Then I would hear what sounded like the beeper on the smoke detectors and I'd know it was you, and you were fine and just letting me know you were happy to see me.

  2. Maybe it's the hormones still bubbling in my brain but I sobbed while reading this. I never knew Steven but I feel as though I did.