Monday, January 26, 2009

A Tale of Two Sisters

This past weekend was one of much joy, as Good Joo and her fambly made the trek up to Bad Joo's for a little visit. Already, the Good Joo fambly is much missed.

As usual, A charmed every breathing human being within a fifteen mile radius with such tidbits as the following.

(Open curtain. A and BJ are playing with model horses.)

A: Aunt Joo, what's your horse's name?

BJ: Caroline. What's your horse's name?

A: Filly Walking Trissity.

BJ: Oh, that's a lovely name.

(Much neighing, prancing, trotting, cantering, and running from dangerous, imaginary mountain lions ensues).

A: Aunt Joo, this is Filly Walking Trissity's sister.
BJ: And what's Filly Walking Trissity's sister's name?
A: Lec Trissity.

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