Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Night...

This is what GJ did during the time it took A to feed Lu her dinner one, tiny piece of food at a time:

1. wrote memo to New Dentist (insert expletives)

2. unloaded dishwasher

3. cleaned poop shrapnel out of downstairs toilet

4. sent out memo reminding people that if they need to have explosive diarrhea they should come do it at GJ's house.

5. ate some cheese bread

6. sent out memo reminding people that in lieu of diarrhea they may clog GJ's toilet with giant poop

7. pondered her P90X workout for the night

8. ate some more cheese bread

9. determined P90X was not a good idea

10. listened to A sing to Lu...who after eating dinner had to wear a burp rag like a saddle..."you're a good dog, you ate your food, you are my wild mustang..."

And that Two Joo friends, is Friday party time in Fort Poop.

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