Monday, January 12, 2009


GJ knows that BJ does not want this blog to be solely about GJ's kids, but GJ doesn't care. Once BJ left for La La France over GJ's birthday, GJ decided she would be running La La Show. So here is B. She is 4 months this week. She is on day 59 of a double ear infection and is still a better baby than A was. She weighs what A weighed at 10 months. She is huge. She is jolly. She goes by the following: B, B-dazzle, Poo, Poo-dazzle and Johnny. She loves the boob and yelling at her thumb.


  1. Oh B, clearly you love the boob, you're a little chunker. I want to eat those little cheeks. You may be a better baby than A, but you look just like her. Just so you know, that's a good thing, A is pretty darn cute even if she wasn't ever a chunker.

  2. Her name is Poo. She's #1. Her Poo dazzle has just begun...

  3. I think she should be a My Little Pony with a name like Poo-Dazzle....just cover her in glitter and put a star or a sun on her cheek. And I don't mean the cheek on her face.